COBOL Standard Defect Processing


INCITS/PL22. has been tasked by WG4 to process defect reports against the COBOL Standard.

The purpose of this web page is to provide the COBOL community, and those who have sumbmitted defect reports with an easy way to find the current status of the processing of a reported defect.

Defect tracking begins on this site once J4 determines that a defect report is warranted and an initial document is created.

This page is currently under development. Information on how to submit a defect report against the standard will be forthcoming.

To view the status of each defect report, please Click on the appropriate link provided below. The most recent defect report is listed first. Each link points the the most recent version of each defect processing document. Each document includes links to related documents and previous versions.

Documents noted as DF documents are final versions.

Defect D-16, Problems with 8.13, External Repository, original report

Defect D-15, Strongly Typed File Records

Defect D-14, SELECT WHEN clause, orignal report

Defect D-13, SET id TO class-name

Defect D-12, Overlapping Operands, original report

Defect Report Response D-11.1, Distinguishing separators from decimal separators

Defect Report Response D-10.1, Parameterized Classes and Interfaces

Defect Report Response DF-9.1 Minor Comments (Kiesel)

Defect Report Response DF-8.2, Call Convention and Entry Convention

Defect D-7, SET statement problems - object references, original report

Defect D-6, SET statement problems - indexes, original report

Defect Report Response D-5, Multiple Currency Strings

Defect Report Response DF-4.1, Overlapping Operands in RELEASE Statement

Defect Report Response DF-3.2, Clarify Format Clause

Defect Report Response D-2.2, Distinguishing separators from editing symbols

Defect Report Response DF-1.2, Restricted program pointer with AS phrase on CALL stmt